Volunteer spotlight: Erin Jordan


Name: Erin Jordan

What inspired you to volunteer at Feed More?: Legal Food Frenzy – an annual food and funds drive competition among law firms across Virginia. I was working at a law firm and I attended the information presentation from Feed More about the critical need for food in our community. It was a call to action for me! I assisted in organizing the Legal Food Frenzy campaign in my office for a few years. It was an event I looked forward to each year. When I left the legal world, I immediately began volunteering my time directly with Feed More.

How do you lend a helping hand at Feed More? And how long have you been doing it?: Currently I assist in the packing department in the Community Kitchen, but I jump in wherever the need is. Sometimes that is packing meals in boxes to be sent out to the Piedmont region of Virginia, other days that is wrapping up bread and butter to accompany meals for the Meals on Wheels program. I’ve been volunteering my time since 2015.

What do you love most about volunteering at Feed More?: The people! The staff and volunteers are the backbone of this massive operation. Even in stressful times the staff and volunteers exhibit a can-do attitude. A joke, a smile makes the work that much more enjoyable.

What is your favorite memory at Feed More?: Recently the packing area was short on volunteers due to a holiday. However, the few volunteers that were there accomplished the work of 20 or more people. That’s the Feed More magic! People who care and will get the job done no matter what.

Where is the coolest place you have traveled to and/or want to travel to?: India. I’ve been three times and can’t wait to go back! I also want to travel to Singapore, Japan and Thailand.

When you’re not volunteering, what is your favorite thing to do in Richmond?: Explore our neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops and parks.

Why should people volunteer at Feed More?: Food is a necessity, not a privilege. Far too many in our community go hungry. It’s our humanitarian and civic duty to help our neighbors. Financial donations are critical to the operation, but without the help of volunteers, the food will not get to those in need. Every person counts, every shift, every hour of your time is directly assisting in feeding our community. No person, no amount of time is too small. Give your time and see how you too can make a difference!

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