Shutting down hunger!


We were honored to witness the very best in our community throughout the course of the partial government shutdown!

Countless citizens reached out to see what they could do; our dedicated volunteers answered our calls for help; retail and corporate partners provided gift cards and donations; our compassionate staff stepped up to meet the increased need; and the neighbors we helped were so very grateful for the food they received.

During the government shutdown, calls to our Hunger Hotline from individuals who need emergency food assistance doubled. With more than 17,000 federal workers in the greater Richmond area, we knew that far too many of our neighbors needed a helping hand, but might not be sure how or where to get it.

To meet this need, we did what we do best – got food out in the most efficient manner possible to our neighbors impacted by the shutdown.

Two Pop-Up Distributions on Feed More’s campus distributed a variety of healthy food to around 160 households. We also held a special distribution at Richmond International Airport to provide TSA employees, who had missed two paychecks, with a hand up in their times of need. Additionally, we identified members of our Agency Network who were able to assist a higher volume of requests for help and made sure they had enough food to distribute in their localities.

It is our job to look after our community and take care of our neighbors in their times of need. Whether that need originates from a natural disaster, government shutdown or times of uncertainty, we are here when our neighbors need us most. We are proud of, and inspired by, what this community is able to accomplish together.

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