Current Volunteers

As we contemplate the significant feeding goals ahead of us for the 2016-2017 fiscal year, we know we couldn’t do it without you! From increasing our meal distribution to 900,000 meals for children (20% rise since last year), to distributing over 20-million pounds of food, to reaching 1,800 elderly clients with our daily meal deliveries, our volunteers are the key to getting it done.

Check this page for updates to make your volunteer experience beneficial for you, as well as the people you’re feeding. 

Friendly reminders:

Safety and Attire

Meet a Volunteer

Godwin High student Mita first read about the Food Bank in Richmond Magazine a few years back and waited until she reached the minimum age to become a volunteer. She found the experience exceeded her expectations. “I liked it a lot actually. It was fun and I got to work with a lot of kids my age.” From counting menu items to organizing and bagging the food, Mita received more than practical work experience; she also enjoyed social interaction with others and the opportunity to have a hands-on role in the fight against hunger.

One of my students thanked me for the food after the tutoring session. He stated that sometimes he saves it so that he has food to eat later in the evening.

Kids Cafe program

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