Preparing for the road ahead.


Our community has come together in remarkable ways during the last two months! Thousands of individuals and countless businesses, organizations and foundations have stepped up to help their neighbors in their times of need.

We have also witnessed the power of collaboration among our local and state leaders. Our President and CEO Doug Pick serves as Chair of the Federation of Virginia Food Banks and Chair of the City of Richmond’s food assistance-focused task force (RVA F.A.S.T.), and he has been inspired to see our leaders working together to help ensure our communities are taken care of and make it to the other side of this health crisis stronger and more unified.

It is a steep hill ahead of us as a community. But we are reminded that the most resilient thing in the entire world, is the human spirit. We witness it every day in our compassionate staff, our caring volunteers, our generous donors and grateful clients.

We are humbled by your continued support and kindness and grateful to have you standing with us as we carry out our mission.

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