On the Road with Food & Love


Say hello to our new market bus! You might remember us announcing this last summer and thanks to the steadfast support of our hunger-fighting partner, the McKesson Foundation, this retrofitted school bus is delivering fresh fruits, veggies and more to kids and teens across our service area.

The big green bus, and all our Children’s Programs, are designed to increase food access to the 1 in 6
children in Central Virginia experiencing food insecurity. These programs help kids improve concentration, better manage stress and depression and increase academic

By eliminating the barriers kids and teens face to accessing healthy food, this new service offering will
make it much easier for young folks to receive the healthy foods they need to learn, grow and thrive.
Alongside distributions at schools, communities and local organizations like the YMCA, this bus will also serve lowincome neighbors through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

What’s TEFAP? It’s emergency food assistance leveraging 100% American-grown USDA food designed to combat diet-related diseases and reduce food waste.

So if you see this big, green hunger-fighting machine out on the road, please give our driver a big wave and say “Hello!” to the newest member of our fleet.

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