The Future Home of Hunger Relief

We’ve officially broken ground on our soon-to-be home at Villa Park Drive. Here’s how our new building will make a big difference in our community:

  • Ample Warehousing Designed For Distribution: With 25% more capacity for shelf-stable food storage and five times the freezer space, the new building will maximize operations and triple warehouse productivity and deliveries. We’ll also have scalable vertical storage that allows us to better manage our inventory, and nimbly respond to supply chain fluctuations and opportunistic donations.
  • State-of-the-Art Commercial Kitchen: The Bayard Community Kitchen will double in size, allowing for more efficient preparation of over 600,000 healthy and diet specific meals per year and expand our food rescue capabilities.
  • Enhanced Volunteer Areas: More places and spaces designed to support our 200+ daily volunteers, ensuring they have a productive and fulfilling experience.
  • Training and Certification Capacity: Well-designed collaboration and meeting space for corporate partners, as well as training and certification opportunities for our 400+ distribution partners, empowering them to connect and better serve our community.
  • Centrally Located: The new building will be located in a heat map-verified centralized location, making it easily accessible for Meals on Wheels clients, volunteers and staff, as well as food donation partners and the agencies we serve.

Check out daily progress here. Or want to learn more about our Nourish campaign? Contact Nina Bowen at or call 804-237-8609.

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