Feed More Partners with Sabra to Nourish Hopewell Families


Feed More partnered with our friends at Sabra to provide nourishing food for Hopewell County families at our recent Hopewell High School Market distribution!

We know that when our region’s kids and teens are hungry, it’s hard for them to be the curious, creative learners they can be. That’s why Feed More’s farmer’s market-style School Market distributions provide the healthy foods that students and their families need to thrive, and we were proud to partner with Sabra to make the event even better. 

At the Hopewell High School distribution: 

  • Sabra donated 1,800 Sabra products including hummus, guacamole, single snackers and more
  • Chef Dan with Sabra was on-site to perform a product demonstration of 10 meals that you can make with Sabra products for under $10
  • The Sabra team collected and donated needed school supplies for Hopewell High School teachers

Thank you to Sabra for your continued support and commitment to helping nourish our neighbors in need!

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