She never thought she’d be living in poverty.


Brenda has had a job and worked hard her entire life. She never thought she’d be living in poverty and in a position where she needed help making ends meet each month. But in 2009, Brenda was in a terrible car accident that required back surgery and extensive rehabilitation, putting her on disability and taking away her ability to continue working.

“I have about 10 medications I’m on because of my back injury,” said Brenda. “When I run out, I wonder if I’m going to have enough money to just pay for those let alone for food.”

Brenda’s SNAP benefits aren’t enough to cover the cost of food each month, so she visits her local food bank to help make sure she’s getting the food and nutrition she needs. Brenda is able to pick up foods she can’t afford to buy at the grocery store, providing her with a healthier and more balanced diet.

At Feed More, we help people like Brenda every day. Neighbors who need a little bit of extra assistance to get through the month because their medication and bills are through the roof. Or because they were laid off at work or they needed to repair their car so they can keep their job and were forced to choose between food and rent. Their stories are all around us, from your friends to colleagues, neighbors, classmates and the people you see walking down the street. The face of hunger is a lot more familiar than you may think.

These individuals need your help today to keep dinner on the table. For just $25, you can help provide 100 meals that give neighbors in need like Brenda hope for a better tomorrow. Through our Agency Network and many programs like Meals on Wheels, School Market, Mobile Pantry and more, your contribution will have a big impact on the people we serve.

Donate today and join us in the fight against hunger. Your support will be felt across our service area in the homes, and on the tables, of the neighbors we help.

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