Our Brand Story

Feed More Horizontal LogoMore than a decade ago, two grassroots nonprofit organizations came together to better serve those in need to form Feed More. With the shared vision to build a state-of-the-art facility to cost effectively create cooked-from-scratch meals, Meals on Wheels Serving Central Virginia and the Central Virginia Food Bank joined forces in 2005 and the, appropriately named, Community Kitchen opened its doors soon after. This modern, eco-friendly facility allowed both organizations to prepare nutritious meals for neighbors in need across Central Virginia, while saving more than $7 million. This partnership was a natural fit and on July 1, 2008, the two organizations officially merged to form Feed More.

The strength of the merger was undeniable and during the course of the last ten years, we have solidified ourselves as the core hunger-relief organization in Central Virginia. A trailblazer when it comes to partnering with other nonprofit organizations to streamline operations and save money, Feed More is one of the only organizations in the country to have a food bank and Meals on Wheels program under one roof. With more than 20 million meals distributed throughout our vast and socio-economically diverse service area every year, we are here for our neighbors when they need emergency food assistance.

Our organization has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since its inception. From expanding our comprehensive programs to strategically growing our Network of Agencies that help us distribute food, our dedication to our mission has never been more apparent.  With nine programs, an Agency Network of nearly 300 nonprofits throughout 34 cities and counties, a staff of 100 strong and hundreds of volunteers each day, Feed More is one of the backbone nonprofits in Central Virginia. With the rapid evolution of our organization, it was also time to evolve the way we presented ourselves.

The passion, sophistication and heart that our organization embodies outgrew our brand and visual identity system. Feed More has become so much more than a food bank, more than a Meals on Wheels program and more than a Community Kitchen. To put it simply, we have become far more than the sum of the parts that brought us together 10 years ago.

FeedMore's old logo

We needed a brand that truly, and clearly, represented all that we are and all that we do to provide our neighbors with a hand up in their times of need. Infusing hope, empathy and human connection into our brand was a priority. While we had a clear idea of the life-changing work we do every day, it wasn’t as clear to everyone. Our previous brand worked hard for us for a decade, but no longer adequately reflected the impact we are making in Central Virginia today.

Through the creation of a bolder visual identity, we can strengthen our awareness, minimize confusion and connect all of our programs under one simplified brand. We also have the opportunity to represent the people behind our mission, our supporters who help us carry out our mission and most importantly, the neighbors in need who our mission was created to help.

Armed with thorough research from The Spark Mill and under the guidance of our Board members Danny Robinson, of The Martin Agency, and Jeanne Sarmento, formerly of Altria, we worked closely with the creative force that is Campfire + Co. to design a brand that is connected to our story and clearly represents who we are and what we do. By bringing together trusted thought leaders and impact makers, our design process happened organically over the course of two years. Guided by data from supporters, partners and staff members and fueled by an open, healthy dialogue of information sharing, this was an iterative, human-centered design process.

This logo represents a Feed More story we all can tell.

Feed more's logo


Our color palette balances the soft and stable sides of Feed More, infusing hope and empathy into a brand that’s also established and trustworthy. Our deep blue emits a level of sophistication of a for-profit organization that is balanced with feelings of hope, support and respect. Our green is grounding, with strong roots, and approachable, while conjuring up thoughts of healthy, local and fresh food. Differentiating Feed and More through typography and color helps separate the words so that they read “feeding more” and not “Feedmore.”  The blue of the More helps ground the logo, making it feel solid and secure, while lifting up the green Feed.

Along with the new logo, we needed an icon that best reflected our work and mission and kept circling back around the plate. A plate is the source of so much of our mission and represents far more than just a meal.

Feed more Icon

It represents family gatherings, a sense of community and a seat at the table. The repeated plate in our logo represents the quantity and breadth of our hunger- fighting operations. It also symbolizes all the layers that make up Feed More: our community who support our mission, the volunteers who lend a helping hand, the compassionate staff who live and breathe our mission, the agencies who help us distribute food and the neighbors we help every day. The consistent shape of the plate represents our reliability and trustworthiness.

By integrating the plate icon directly into the logo, we have created a cohesive, highly-customized mark. Additionally, the plate has been carefully incorporated into every letter of the typeface. This connects each letter as a part of the story and the icon. It also adds some softness to the typeface while still allowing it to be solid, strong and established. Finally, the O is an aerial view of the plate, further unifying the logo and deepening the significance of our story.


In addition to our updated look, we have also simplified how we talk about ourselves, paring down our brand language significantly. Our organizational focus can be summed up into three core actions: collect, prepare, distribute. These are inclusive of all that Feed More does in the community and embody the true evolution of our brand. It is also an optimization of what we do – Feed More collects, prepares and distributes food to neighbors in need.

Collect, Prepare, Distribute

For us here at Feed More, this is far more than a logo. This is a brand that can grow with us far into the future as we continue to evolve, optimize and refine our operations to better help our neighbors in their times of need. This is a brand rooted in our promise to the communities we serve to be there when our neighbors need us and help them reach their full potential.

This new visual identity of Feed More is just the start of our brand journey. This logo serves as our launching pad to truly living our brand throughout our organization – from our workspace to how we interact with our community of supporters and the neighbors we help. This brand journey challenges us to dig deep and work to better understand what we stand for and who we are in the coming years.

While the total transformation of our logo is apparent, what hasn’t changed is our promise to our community. With roots in Central Virginia that date back more than 50 years, one thing will always remain the same – we care for and are here for our neighbors when they need us most.