FeedMore’s Mobile Pantry distributes tons of food in Emporia

January 23, 2015

     Tons of much needed food was given out for free in one of Virginia’s most food insecure cities, Emporia, on Jan. 23, thanks to FeedMore’s Mobile Pantry.

     The Mobile Pantry is a refrigerated truck that delivers canned and boxed food and perishables to neighbors who live in areas with limited access to healthy and affordable food options, also known as “food deserts.” Emporia is among the top five food-insecure cities in Virginia. The Mobile Pantry goes to 14 food deserts in urban areas and feeds 5,000 each month.

     Emporia lacks a bus system, and residents who have no transportation must rely on cabs to travel to stores to buy food. A cab fare is often $10 one way and that amounts to $20 that might have bought 20 cans of protein-rich beans, said Dorothy Prince of Emporia, a volunteer at the Mobile Pantry distribution site.

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