FeedMore’s Meals on Wheels Receives Valentine’s Day Cards from’s Youth Volunteers

February 14, 2014

FeedMore’s Meals on Wheels, in partnership with, Mentor Up and the Meals On Wheels Association of America, announced today the results of Love Letters, a campaign that encouraged teens to make handmade Valentine's Day cards to lift the spirits of older adults across the country during a peak time of isolation and depression.

“We were thrilled to have received nearly 800 cards in the mail for our clients,” said Mary Penet, Director of Senior Feeding for FeedMore. “As many connected to FeedMore’s Meals on Wheels know, we deliver more than just a meal. These cards will warm the hearts of our clients throughout Central Virginia, and we are grateful for’s thoughtful volunteers.”

In total, more than 68,000 teen volunteers nationwide made Valentine’s Day cards for nearly 100,000 of the 2.5 million vulnerable seniors receiving Meals on Wheels across the county. Love Letters provided an opportunity for young people across the country to help lift the spirits of older adults and combat social isolation. Young people found local, participating Meals on Wheels programs – from a list of 356 across all 50 states – where they sent the card(s). The Valentine's Day cards were then included in meal deliveries made by Meals on Wheels volunteers.

Bimbo Bakery - 1-Million Pounds of Bread

February 12, 2014

Last year, Bimbo Bakery, the manufacturer of Arnold’s bread, Thomas English Muffins, Entenmann’s cakes, and more, donated nearly 1-million pounds of bread and assorted bread products to FeedMore’s Central Virginia Food Bank – bread that we were able to distribute to our partner agencies.

In December, a nationwide decision was made at Bimbo Bakery’s corporate office to no longer donate product to food banks and rather sell this product to animal feed manufacturers.

We are grateful for their past support and while we respect and understand their decision, we strongly encourage our friends and supporters to reach out to them asking them to reconsider. Large scale donations from partners like Bimbo Bakery allows FeedMore’s Central Virginia Food Bank to operate efficiently and effectively and the loss of this bread product means we will no longer be able to distribute bread in the quantities needed to our network of 360 partner agencies.

If you are interested, we kindly ask that you thank Bimbo for their previous support of FeedMore and stress how important donations of bread and bread products are to the Central Virginia community, where 1 in 7 adults is food insecure, and encourage Bimbo to reconsider their decision to not donate this product to those in need.

The contact is:

Mike Derry
Director, Retail Stores
Bimbo Bakeries
8550 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60631

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