Neighbors helping neighbors.


While many are looking forward to snowy weather and cozying up inside with a warm blanket this winter, it’s important to remember that this time of year can also be a scary one for many of our homebound neighbors. Bad weather can come with things like power outages and blocked doorways and sidewalks they’re unable to clear. During the winter months, neighbors helping neighbors is even more important!

For many seniors who are living alone they can also experience a sense of isolation during these colder months with the holidays just around the corner. Some may even go full days without speaking to or seeing anyone.

If you have a loved one or neighbor you think may be struggling through the season, please be sure to stop in and check on them, make sure they are staying comfortable and safe in their own home. A simple hello can go a very long way in helping to lift their spirits.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help our homebound neighbors in need, please consider becoming a Meals on Wheels volunteer. And if you know someone who may need food assistance, please have them contact our Hunger Hotline. Neighbors helping neighbors is what this life is all about and with your support, we can help ensure our homebound neighbors are taken care of in mind, body and spirit.

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