Hurricane Florence relief: we’re standing at the ready.


As our friends to the south continue their recovery efforts, Feed More continues to stand at the ready to assist in any way needed.

We have be in communications with Feeding America and the Virginia Federation of Food Banks, both of whom are coordinating the effort to help our fellow food banks in the affected areas. Two of the primary food banks in the state of North Carolina (Central and Eastern North Carolina and Interfaith Food Shuttle) have indicated that they are not in need of food assistance at this time. As the relief efforts continue, we will stay in contact with them and are here to help in any way we can.

If you are interested in helping with the relief efforts, there are some great ways you can make an impact:

  • Donating funds to those impacted by disaster is the most efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to help. Funds offer food banks, pantries and meal programs the most flexibility in getting their most-needed resources. Many charities specialize in providing relief in disaster areas, yet they face significant financial challenges to getting their staff, equipment and supplies into impacted areas.
  • If you would like to send goods, please purchase items like food, water, medicine and equipment from secure and familiar retail stores.
  • The cost and manpower required to sort or deliver food from food drives, food drives held outside of the impacted areas is high and not encouraged. Please do not donate material supplies such as used clothing, miscellaneous household items and mixed or perishable food. These donations often do not meet the needs of survivors and take considerable resources away from providing critical support that people need during disaster recovery.​

We are incredibly grateful to be part of such a generous community and appreciate everyone who has reached out to ask how they can help. We’ll continue to be in touch with organizations coordinating relief efforts and be sure to update you with new information as it’s available.

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