Healthy holiday treats on a budget.


The holiday season is full of festive decorations, cheerful music and many delicious treats that are usually full of sugar and have little to no nutritional value. But there are plenty of healthy options that are easy to make and delicious to eat!

At Feed More, our Community Kitchen works hard to create meals for our recipients that are full of nutrient-rich ingredients and tasty to eat. We’ve taken inspiration from our talented, passionate team to share easy, on-budget ideas for all of your holiday snacks.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit
The only ‘cooking’ involved for these treats is warming up some dark chocolate for dipping! The possibilities are endless, from strawberries to apricots, bananas, orange slices and any other fruits you love. A perfect combination of satisfying your sweet tooth with a healthy balance of nutrients!

Cheese, Fruit and Vegetable Platter
This party staple has been a classic choice for years. It’s easy to create a more festive look by simply forming the components into holiday inspired shapes. Think Christmas tree, holiday wreath or even a gingerbread man!

Cheesestick Snowman
If you’re looking for healthy, kid-friendly holiday snacks that can easily feed a classroom full of students or something quick and easy, all you need is a pack of string cheese and a permanent marker! Since each cheesestick is individually wrapped in clear plastic, you can easily draw three little buttons, a face and a snowman’s hat. They can also become reindeer or even Santa himself if you want to get even more creative!

Let this inspiration encourage your creativity this season, while keeping in mind that treats don’t have to be unhealthy to be delicious. Happy holidays!

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