First Commodity Supplemental Food Program Boxes Distributed in Virginia


FeedMore recently held the first Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) distribution in the state of Virginia. A food assistance program that is focused on low-income seniors at least 60 years of age who are at risk of malnutrition, CSFP provides these individuals with wholesome food while helping them stretch their food budget.

Working in partnership with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), FeedMore distributed the CSFP boxes to approximately 30 seniors at the Sycamore Towers in Petersburg. With the supplemental food boxes including a variety of nutritious food items including canned salmon, peanut butter, oatmeal, canned fruits and vegetables and cereal the recipients also received educational materials with nutritional information and recipes.

“We know that there is a real need throughout the state, especially with our aging senior population,” said Seth Benton, Food Distribution Manager at VDACS. “The issue of hunger in this population is getting bigger and this program allows us to fill this gap and help more low-income seniors across Virginia.”

In addition to providing low-income seniors with access to wholesome food and helping improve their overall health, the monthly CSFP distributions are something these individuals can count on and in many cases look forward to.

“I have a lot of folks here who don’t drive or have access to a vehicle and they rely on the local food banks for help,” said Stephenia Johnson, Housing Manager at Sycamore Towers. “This program provides them with a connection to the outside world and helps them get good, nutritious food that they might not otherwise have.”

FeedMore is one of two food banks in the state of Virginia that is involved in the CSFP pilot program. Sycamore Towers was the first site to be selected and additional sites will be selected by FeedMore during the next 12 months as the program develops. For more information on or to learn more about FeedMore’s Commodity Supplemental Food Program, please contact 804-521-2500.
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