Watch our herb garden grow!


We’re excited to share with you our newest addition – a beautiful herb garden stationed just outside our Bayard Community Kitchen! Our Executive Chef Antjuan Fisher and Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s Senior Horticulturist, Laurel Matthew planned and put the garden together to further enrich the meals that are made here at Feed More.

“Sharing plants felt perfectly aligned with Lewis Ginter’s mission to connect people through plants to improve communities,” said Laurel. “Planting and providing an herb garden was simply an extension of that. I am very happy that it’s been so positively and enthusiastically received by the Feed More team.”

Once the idea came together, it didn’t take long for the garden to get installed. The Community Kitchen gets wonderful light in the back area, facing our staff parking lot, making it the perfect location. Both Antjuan and Laurel worked together in deciding which herbs would be best used in our menus, making sure they were something both our recipients and clients would enjoy.

“We knew we wanted to have the basics – everything you would find in a kitchen,” shares Antjuan. “So we were sure to include herbs like basil, oregano, cilantro, rosemary, parsley and thyme. But we also decided to throw a few more unique herbs like sweet Thai basil, lemongrass and Mexican mint so we can incorporate them into our dishes.”

This herb garden represents Feed More’s fresh approach to cooking food and making sure that every meal is made with the best ingredients.

“The food we make every day is going to people who really need it,” said Antjuan. “For us to be able to give them meals that are made with the freshest ingredients and full of good nutrition is a great feeling.”

A big thank you again to our friends at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and the Kroger Community Kitchen Garden for helping our Community Kitchen team bring this garden to life.

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