Embracing Your Sweet Tooth: Healthy Desserts in Under 10 Minutes


For many people dessert is the best part of any meal, but unfortunately, isn’t always the healthiest. Our instincts tend to go straight for high-sugar and high-fat options that certainly taste good but aren’t contributing in any meaningful way to our health.

So what’s a sugar lover to do? Good news – there are lots of delicious options that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but are actually good for you, simple to make and easy on the wallet. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite options inspired by the meals our Bayard Community Kitchen team makes for a little sweet inspiration!

Frozen Perfection

Ice cream and dessert go hand-in-hand, especially during the hot summer months. But with all that cream, sugar and sometimes artificial flavoring, the negatives really start to outweigh the positives. By getting creative with ingredients that are more healthful it’s very simple to put a flavorful and refreshing ice cream inspired dessert together!

Simply grab a frozen bag of fruit (whichever is your favorite), some plain Greek yogurt and a hint of sugar (honey, agave or another natural sweetener), combine in your food processor or blender and freeze in a container for an amazing, refreshing summer treat!

Easy Bake Oven

Who doesn’t love a yummy baked dessert right out of the oven?! From chocolate chip cookies to apple pie there are countless desserts to enjoy when it comes to baking.

One of our favorite baked desserts is picking a favorite piece of fresh fruit (like an apple or pear), cutting it in half, coating it in some honey and cinnamon and baking it in the oven until it’s warm and gooey. Top with some walnuts or pecans for an extra crunch. It’s a perfect, sweet and satisfying bite for anyone looking for that comfort food feeling!

Salty and Sweet

Perhaps one of the best flavor combinations is salty and sweet- it truly is the best of both worlds! Everyone seems to have a favorite blend, from dipping french fries in your frosty to caramel popcorn there are lots of delectable ways to put these flavors together.

A quick, inexpensive and relatively healthy way to enjoy a sweet and salty dessert is by making chocolate dipped pretzels! How to make this treat is all in the name. Simply melt some chocolate in a bowl, we suggest dark chocolate, and dip one side (or about half) of your pretzel in it. Refrigerate them on a tray to harden, and enjoy!

Feed More’s Community Kitchen uses many of these principles when creating desserts for neighbors in our Meals on Wheels and Children’s Programs to enjoy. By choosing quality, fresh ingredients our team is able to make a course that can traditionally be seen as unhealthy into a delicious and nutritious treat!

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