Doing good comes in many forms.


One of the cool things about volunteering at Feed More is that you can lend a helping hand in a variety of ways. From data entry to chopping vegetables to making reassurance calls to homebound neighbors to loading up boxes with nutritious food, doing good truly comes in many forms at Feed More!

This past year, we have seen this good play out on our campus and throughout our operations each and every weekday! And in the face of continued uncertainty, our volunteers show up, and step up, to help carry out our mission. Their unrivaled generosity, kindness and selflessness has inspired us and left us humbled beyond words.

And goodness – these compassionate, caring and committed folks have made one heck of a difference! From July 2019 through June 2020, 1,613 individuals donated 63,043 hours to our mission and 429 groups gave 59,722 to help their neighbors in need. That’s a total of 122,765 hours donated to make a difference in the communities we serve.

Every year during National Volunteer Week we pause to celebrate this incredible group, who is, without a doubt, an extension of our staff. And this year, we are particularly grateful for these diverse individuals who share their good with us and make Central Virginia a better place for everyone.

Doing good comes in many forms at Feed More and if you want to make a difference in our community that can be seen, and felt, join us! We are always looking for helping hands and kind hearts bring our mission to life.

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