Whom We Serve

Throughout the school year, Kids Cafe meals leave the Community Kitchen bound for weekday after-school programs that serve children ages five to 17. The Community Kitchen staff and volunteer team prepare the nutritious and appealing meals, which are delivered to the sites (Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, schools, churches and others) and served family-style. During the summer, weekday breakfast and lunch meals originate in the Community Kitchen to feed children up to age 18 and people with disabilities. The Summer Food Service Program meals meet USDA nutritional guidelines and reach an average of 1,800 children at risk of hunger each weekday.

Year-round, daily meals are cooked, flash-chilled, and individually packaged at the Community Kitchen for more than 1,400 Meals on Wheels clients. These single-serving meals are customized for 17 different dietary restrictions, preferences, and requirements, without sacrificing the Community Kitchen’s commitment to quality and use of the freshest ingredients.

We have many children that benefit from the Kids Cafe program because of the economy. With Kids Cafe, our parents know that the program is helping provide for their kids and give them peace of mind. Many are very grateful for the program.

Kids Cafe program coordinator

working together to feed more