Agency Conference


WHAT HAPPENS . . . when you bring together almost 300 agency representatives from over 150 FeedMore agencies and give them eight relevant workshops to attend and local resource outlets to consider and networking and discussion times in which to participate?

Well, you find excitement and energy and enthusiasm; you gain new ideas and suggestions and insights about how to strengthen your agency; you grow and connect in ways not anticipated; and you leave knowing that you contribute to something important, that you make a difference, and feeling strengthened and affirmed by the growing partnerships!

FeedMore’s 2016 Agency Conference: Nourishing Communities Together, held Friday, September 23rd at St. Paul’s Baptist Church just on the East Side of Richmond is now in the history books – but we hope the take-aways will linger and impact participants and agencies for years. For those of you able to commit an entire day to attend – thank you, and please know it is deeply hoped that your experience was well worth the time! For those of you not able to attend, we believe you missed a meaningful and beneficial day; and we hope that, perhaps, you might connect with another agency which attended to hear their reflections and report of their experience.

Even before departing for the day, we were hearing very positive comments and reactions regarding workshop topics and relevancy, the quality of networking and connections made, and the overall feeling of satisfaction that being together and learning together brought about. The online survey now available is being completed, and to date 98 have been completed – 95% have indicated the day was worth their while; and attendees scored our goals of hoping to ENGAGE, INSPIRE, CONNECT and help you GROW at an 80-90% achievement rate! Attendees, please continue to complete your survey, as we want to learn what we can improve upon the next time around!

Although we hoped to make clear throughout the day that ALL agencies are important and critical to the extended work of FeedMore, specific agencies which were recognized as award winning agencies for one of our advertised (and solicited) categorical awards or one of our chosen Regional Leadership Awards are listed as below:

Categorical Awards
Food/Fund Drive: Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services
Program Innovation: Chesterfield Food Bank
Facility Improvement: Holy Name Church of Jesus, Mecklenburg
Fresh Food: East District family Resource Center, Richmond
Nutrition Education: Pathways Inc., Petersburg

Regional Leadership Awards
Southwest: F.A.C.E.S., Farmville
Southeast: Project Restoration, Brunswick
Southeast: Colonial Heights Food Pantry
Northeast: Hands Across Middlesex
Northwest: Louisa County Resource Council
Richmond Area: Ephesus SDA Community Services

View the write-ups of what made these above agencies award-winning!

Conference Pictures

NOW WHAT . . .?

Well, FeedMore plans to build on the enthusiasm and momentum generated by this conference. In our work with your Agency Advisory Council, our Agency Relations staff team will help assess the conference and determine what next steps we can take together in strengthening the partnership we have with you. Concerns and issues brought forth at the conference will be addressed; suggestions and ideas about how to further implement workshop topics and resource partners at your agencies will be explored; and staying connected with you and making sure you are connected to others will be primary to our work with you.

Thanks again, to all attendees for helping make this conference a reality! Stay tuned for more . . .

Your Agency Relations Team,
Warren, AJ, Erin, Kristina and Sarah

Conference Presentations

Eating the Best for Less

Individual Giving Strategies

Inside Out Community Building

Opening Session

Ready, Set, Grant!

St. Matthias Church Blessings Garden

The Power of Your Agency's Story

Urban Nutrition

Volunteer Engagement and Mobilzation


Resource Fair Participants

We are thrilled to have the following organizations joining us for our resource fair during the conference:
Virginia Cooperative Extension, nutritional education
Goodwill, job training and employment placement services
Virginia Department of Heath, dental hygienists and public health resources
Department of Social Services, SNAP education
Virginia Cooperative Extension, urban agriculture and gardening
Virginia 211, United Way health and human services
Bon Secours Class A Roll, mobile learning kitchen
Grainger, distributor
VOAD, national volunteer organization active in disaster

Agency Conference Steering Committee

Special thanks to our Agency Conference Steering Committee members who have worked hard to bring you this year’s conference:

Alice Freeman, Healthy Hearts Plus
Annie Andrews, FeedMore Staff, Operations
Anthony (AJ) Johnson, FeedMore Staff, Agency Relations
Bob Wiard (Initial Committee), St. Thomas Episcopal Church Pantry & Agency Advisory Council
Christy Dalton, FeedMore Staff, Development
Dora Hall, CAPUP Food Pantry
Erin Lingo, FeedMore Staff, Agency Relations
Kristina Morton, FeedMore Staff, Agency Relations
Margaret Woods, FeedMore Staff, Programs
Laura Foots, New Directions Child Care & Agency Advisory Council
Lori Mollnow, Colonial Heights Food Pantry & Agency Advisory Council
Sarah Dovel, FeedMore Staff, Agency Relations
Suzy Rohler, FeedMore Staff, Development
Tami Messenger, FeedMore Staff, Development
Warren Hammonds, FeedMore Staff, Agency Relations

Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors!

2016 Agency Conference
2016 Agency Conference
2016 Agency Conference

2016 Agency Conference

2016 Agency Conference

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