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There is a lot of need in Central Virginia – 1 in 7 Central Virginians is food insecure, meaning that nearly 200,000 of our neighbors are not receiving the necessary nutrition. And of that, more than 53,000 children, or 1 in 6, in Central Virginia do not know when or from where they will receive their next meal.

These are our neighbors who are working one or more jobs and are barely scraping enough together to get by each month. These are our neighbors who are living paycheck to paycheck when an unexpected medical expense or car trouble takes them down, depleting what little savings they have. These are our neighbors who are forced to make tough choices each month between basic necessities – pay the electricity bill or buy healthy groceries for well-balanced meals.

The face of hunger has shifted dramatically during the last decade. Today, hunger is far more familiar and recognizable. FeedMore’s recipients, served through our more than 300 partner food pantries, soup kitchens, group homes and other community sites, are largely the working poor who come to seek our assistance in emergency situations. Their need is typically episodic and by no means a long-term partnership.

Although these numbers are somewhat scary and these stories rather bleak, there is hope. And that hope comes in the form of FeedMore and our comprehensive programs and Partner Agency Network. In total, FeedMore’s programs and network of partner agencies provide more than 52,000 meals each day to neighbors in need across 34 counties and cities across Central Virginia. From the Northern Neck to Louisa County and south to the North Carolina border, we distributed 19.2 million meals through our programs and partners to Central Virginians who face hunger.

I cannot begin to thank you for the generosity shown to my family by way of the Mobile Food Pantry that came to Hopewell this past weekend. It is truly a blessing for me and my grandson. Times are hard and every little bit helps.

Barbara, a Mobile Food Pantry recipient

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