Distribution Center

The Heart of Our Hunger-Relief Efforts

With our service area spread across 34 counties and cities, our Food Bank Distribution Center is the main hub of our distribution operations.

At more than 36,000-square feet, the Feed More Food Bank Distribution Center serves as the collection point where we safely store and distribute a wide variety of foods. From canned and packaged foods to perishable grocery items like fresh produce, refrigerated products and frozen foods, more than 32 million pounds of grocery product moves through our Distribution Center and goes out to our neighbors who struggle with hunger.

“We’re dealing with people that have to make decisions about what they’re spending their money on…we want the food to be the most wholesome and most healthy that it possibly can be.”

With the use of an online inventory system, we’re able to track the types of foods available and assess our effectiveness at acquiring the proper balance of foods that provide good nutrition to our neighbors in need. Members of our Agency Network can visit Feed More’s Agency Shopping Floor to pick up the food they need for their respective food pantry. We also have a Nutrition Education Corner where our local partners prepare healthy recipes and share tips on how to use the food we have available for distribution.

Our agencies pay a shared maintenance fee for the food they withdraw, which is a small handling fee of several cents per pound. This fee helps defray the costs of Feed More’s procurement, storage and operations.

Additionally, as a member of the Feeding America network of food banks, we work closely with our retail, manufacturing and grocery partners to help reduce food waste and fight hunger at the same time. Our Retail Recovery program allows our Distribution Center and Agency Network to collect and distribute the perfectly safe perishable foods that retailers can no longer sell.

Our fleet of more than 20 trucks helps us safely move food throughout our service area.